Zeschke Delivery Services – Bloomington, Illinois

Land Engineers LLC provided site development engineering services, including a site drainage plan, storm sewer design, and construction layout and staking for Zeschke Delivery Services of Bloomington, IL.Land Engineers LLC provided site development engineering services for this 8,000 sf. warehouse/office building located on a one acre parcel in Bloomington, Illinois. Location of the building on the site had to take into account a sanitary sewer that cut across the property. The project included a parking lot with two entrance drives, loading dock, a site drainage plan and storm sewer design to meet City of Bloomington requirements.

Land Engineers LLC coordinated the site engineering services with Edwards Architects of Bloomington that provide the building design. We also provide construction layout and staking for the Contractor on this project.

Construction was completed in January 2012.  In 2014, Land Engineers LLC began work on site development plans for an expansion of their warehouse at this location.



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